Kitchen Cabinets Jacksonville FL

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Caleb and Peter from HW Contracting had a unique request – as General Contractors in the State of Florida, they wanted to target a specific area of their business with a niched website.  That area was Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling and Cabinet Sales.  Since they had seen double digit growth in their kitchen and bath portion of their business, they wanted to keep the momentum going and try to expand into that specialty.

After a couple of conversations, it was clear that there was an opportunity to penetrate the online rankings for their specific keywords.  As a contractor specific web design and marketing company, Caleb and Peter thought our expertise would be best for this project and we took it on head on.  I mean, after all I was a specialty contract for five years, so who is better to run that side of their business than me?

The first step with all of my client engagements is keyword research.  In fact, that should be the first step for anyone who is wanting to increase the search engine rankings for their sites.  Google provides a free tool, called Google Keyword Planner (click the link to check it out) where you can search for the terms YOU think people search for and then Google will tell you, based on your input, WHAT people ACTUALLY search for.  It’s fantastic!  No more guessing.

In the case of HW Contracting, we identified the top keyword phrases people in their area – Jacksonville, FL – search when trying to find a kitchen and bath company.  The top five keywords were:

  1. Kitchen Cabinets Jacksonville FL   – 170 monthly searches
  2. Granite Countertops Jacksonville FL – 170 monthly searches
  3. Cabinets Jacksonville FL – 140 monthly searchs
  4. Bathroom Remodeling Jacksonville FL – 91 monthly searches
  5. Kitchen Remodel Jacksonville FL – 91 monthly searches

As of the writing of this page – June, 25, 2014, their new website, is live and being added to.  We have about 30 active pages on the site, of which 15 have been completed while the others are a work in progress.  Our goal will be to have this site indexed and ranked for their target keywords within two months and leads coming in for them by September.  We will keep you posted on the progress as we continue to work on the site.